Enhance your resume by volunteering

Interning isn’t just for college kids anymore. In today’s workforce, time between jobs can be turned to your advantage if you hone your skills or develop new ones, by volunteering. True, you won’t get college credit (or a salary) but the benefits include some valuable ones:

Learn New Skills: Perhaps your old job as a Marketing Copywriter only required you to write the texts to company brochures. Volunteering at an internet company gives you a chance to learn graphic design, web content management, and keyword analytics. These skills will expand your opportunities when you next apply for a position in your field.

Try A New Field: Maybe you’ve always wanted to use that degree in History you earned? Volunteer as a docent at a museum and perhaps you can parlay it into a paid guide position. Or act as a playground aid at a local park and use the experience to get a job on the staff of that new daycare center that is opening near you.

Make Contact: Networking shouldn’t be confined to just Chamber of Commerce meetings or job fairs. Let everyone you know–and those you meet volunteering–that you are actively looking for a job. Be ready to give them a short spiel about what you’ve done (and can do) and don’t forget to hand out those business cards.

See the World: Organizations in this country and the world over offer volunteers real-life experiences (some expense paid, some fee-based) in teaching, healthcare, management, agriculture and many other fields that provide talking points for that big interview with a global company.

Fill Your Day: Rather than hanging around the house in your pajamas, get up, get dressed, have somewhere to be (and on time). Keep from getting rusty. Spend only part of every day sending resumes and the rest swinging a hammer for Habitat for Humanity.

Be An Object In Motion: That adage about staying in motion applies to job seekers, too. When the interviewer asks, “What have you been doing?” you need a better answer than just “looking for a job.”

Do A Little Good: Volunteering at a blood bank might let you hear about not-yet-announced openings at the hospital and helping stuff envelopes at the Humane Society might get you an administrative position at a veterinary office. Such work is also good for keeping your spirits up.

Make every day a good day by helping others while you look for your next job and let the professionals at Advance Staffing Solutions help make that time go by quickly.




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