How a Staffing Company Can Help You Stand Out to Employers Who Overlook Unemployed Candidates

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Unfortunately, it’s a phenomenon that some recruiters rule out potential employees that are currently without a job. While it may not seem fair, it’s a common school of thought in the world of human resources. There are several reasons for this practice, that may include the misguided ideas that unemployed people may not seem as “reliable”. There can also be an assumption that candidates are unemployed for good reason.

These attitudes make landing a job difficult for anyone who has been unemployed for any length of time. However, there are ways around this issue. With the help of the right staffing company, you can find potential employers that will look past your unemployment all together. They will work with you to find a job that is a perfect fit. With the economy the way it is it can be difficult to stand out to employers, especially if you are currently without a job.

Here are ways a staffing company can help you find a job, even if you have been unemployed for a while.

Free Training

Several staffing companies will pay for training. This will definitely help potential employees look past you being unemployed. Many jobs will require a certain amount of training or knowledge before they will even consider a candidate. If you held a similar job with a staffing agency you already have the training and some experience under your belt. This automatically puts you ahead of those without the skills. If a permanent positions open at a company that you are currently doing temp work for you will be considered over applicants with no experience, so this works to your advantage as well.

Use as Reference

If needed, you can use your staffing company as a reference. Instead of leaving a time period open on your resume you have the staffing agency information. Even if you worked several temporary jobs, if they were all with the same staffing company you have a single entry for that time period. If you performed multiple tasks with the staffing company this can be included as well. Not only do you get out of having to leave an area open on your resume, you’ll have a professional reference to back up the work period.

Shows Willingness to Work

The problem that a lot of employers have with unemployed potential employees is whether or not they are willing to work. However, when you are working with a staffing company it shows you are working towards getting a job. This initiative is often enough of a boost for the potential employer to look past any periods of unemployment. If you were willing to do what you needed to do to stay afloat you’ll be light years ahead of other applicants that were unemployed for any length of time.

Works to Find You a Good Fit

One of the best things about a staffing company is they know how to find you the job that you want. While they have a lot of temp jobs there are permanent jobs available you can get through a staffing company. Because they focus primarily on finding you a good fit a potential employer will focus more on your credentials and experience rather than whether or not you have a job already. When you go searching by yourself for any job you can find employers are more likely to focus on your lack of employment. A staffing company knows what each potential employer wants in their staff and will therefore have the ability to direct the employer’s attention towards your strengths.

Not as Picky

When it comes down to it, an employer that is using a staffing company is ready for some help. This means they will be less likely to worry about a potential employee’s lack of current employment. They will take you more seriously as an applicant when you were sent to them by a company they are working with to find employees. There usually isn’t an interview process since they are relying on the staffing agency to take care of this part for them.

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