Stop Hiring Quitters: How to Avoid Employees Who Won’t Commit

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As if dealing with the normal employee turnover and corporate layoff’s isn’t stressful enough for HR departments, here comes candidates who are just looking for the next stepping stone. We’ve all seen them – candidates who seem to be perfect for the job, act enthusiastic about the assignment and seem to be genuinely interested in working for your company. And then, just weeks or months later, they bail without warning. This is enough to make any HR professional want to scream.

So, how do you avoid “job hoppers” or “fly by night” candidates from ruining your numbers and chances of having a productive work environment? Read on to learn some tricks of the trade to avoid the pitfalls of hiring quitters.

Review Career History

The key to finding the best candidates for long-term assignments is to screen candidates carefully from the onset. This means reviewing the resume with the eye of an expert recruiter. A typical job hopper will most likely have several glaring issues, which may indicate a problem with keeping jobs. Look for short-lived assignments previous to 2006, when the economy ok a turn for the worse, because you don’t want to weed out people who have been unemployed through no fault of their own. Also, watch out for dates that overlap, or do not seem consistent with the flow of the candidate’s work progression.

Check References Thoroughly

Another way to avoid hiring a job hopper is to actually take the time to request valid job references and letters of reference. Oftentimes, candidates who don’t plan to stick around for long choose to use a “friend” as a fake reference, which misleads recruiters. Instead of taking a chance, request at least 3 employment reference letters from former employers typed on corporate letterhead, complete with phone numbers so you can call to speak with them personally – before hiring a dud.

Interview Focus on Longevity

When inviting the candidate for an interview, emphasize that the assignment is a long-term one and that the person chosen must mesh with the current team. That will set an expectation that you are not looking for someone who is planning on skipping out in a few months, but rather an integral part of the company. Ask the candidate where he or she sees themselves in five to ten years. Get an idea where the person is going career-wise, then ask how this job fits into the equation. It’s not confrontational at all to get this insight before investing time and money into a new hire.

Background and Credit Checks

There has been some controversy surrounding the use of background and credit checks, but in times like these, it’s a good way to eliminate candidates who are not sincere about staying on for the long haul. When a candidate is stable, he or she will most likely have fewer than two residences in a five-year time span, and most debts will be paid on time. While there are some exceptions to this rule, it’s very good to know whether the candidate is under financial strife and is looking for a paycheck vs. a real career. Be sure to follow Fair Credit Reporting Act guidelines when gathering personal background and credit information and by all means get written permission before proceeding.

Hire Through Staffing Agencies

One of the best ways to avoid hiring quitters is to choose to use the services of an expert staffing agency, such as Advance Temporary Services. A quality staffing company will screen all candidates and have some experience with those who are seeking long-term assignments. Staffing agencies can be excellent sources of stable employees who are looking for a great opportunity to grow a career, and they will be accountable to both you and the staffing agency for the first few months on assignment. If they flake out and quit, you’ll have access to a replacement with no time investment on your behalf.

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