Pay Attention To Your Body Language: How Non-verbal Communication Can Make Or Break Your Interview

Did you know that it may be what you don’t say that makes an interview successful? It’s a fact that you can often learn more about a person from what they do not say.  How someone expresses themself non-verbally tells a lot about them. Facial features, posture, and eye-contact can reveal much about someone. People may not even realize this as it works on a subconscious level.

Non-verbal communication consists of physical characteristics and behavioral aspects of individuals that are communicated in face-to-face interactions. Perception is based on sensory action. Certain cues and messages can be sent based on how an individual acts without saying anything. This can be especially true when in a job interview situation — the most important part of the hiring process. Decisions on appointments can be made on just a short time in this meeting. Awareness of the proper non-verbal  prompts can make an impact.

In some cases, non-verbal actions can be a more reliable indicator of an applicant than verbal conversation. People may not be aware of their posture or demeanor. In a sense they let their guard down with these cues. Facial reactions to questions can tell a lot. A candidate who is slumping in their chair during a lengthy interview can indicate boredom and disinterest. Applicants should not underestimate how powerful non-verbal communication can be.

In order to have the best possible results, it is important to appear professional for the interview. First impressions are important in the interview. Making eye contact and the firmness of the grip in the initial handshake can say much about an applicant. These can be a mark of confidence  and self- assurance in a candidate.

Maintaining attention and interest are important aspects in the interview. When sitting during the interview, do not slouch or lean back. This may give the impression of being too relaxed. Sit up straight and lean forward slightly. Smile and nod to responses to show you understand what is being told to you. Listen and maintain interest.  Keep hands at your sides and avoid actions that may distract like parting hair or scratching your forehead.  Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.

Demeanor in non-verbal communication can be as important as actions. It is important to be calm and patient. Try to avoid perspiring even if you are nervous.  Try to mirror the tone and conduct of the interviewer. If your interviewer is friendly and casual, react in the same manner. If the interview feels serious and to the point, act the same way.

There is an old saying that the eyes are mirrors to the soul. The way we act through our actions says as much about us without even realizing it. Recognizing these features can help make an interview a success.

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