Confessions of an HR Manager: Why I Love a Great Staffing Agency

A special thank you to our client, Meredith Soleau, Human Resources Director at Ed Schmidt Auto, Inc. for writing this post.

I’ll never forget the first time I called Advance Staffing Services.  I was beyond stressed.

My Lead Administrative Assistant was going to be out for a medical emergency, and we had no idea when she would be able to return to work. It was a total crisis. Visions of me answering the phone and making customer receipts danced through my head.

I needed help. Thus began the beautiful relationship between the Ed Schmidt Auto Group and Advance Staffing.

Finding help that day was easy. It was honestly easier than ordering a pizza. They delivered Jacque to our doorstep the next morning, and she was absolutely perfect. She handled the Administrative position much better than I ever could have, and she was already trained!  We ended up loving Jacque so much that we’ve found her a permanent position in our company, and she is now our employee.

I’ve really relied on Advance Staffing over the years. I call them for a variety of staffing needs.

  • Temporary Assignments: They handle both short and long term temporary assignments.
  • Temporary to Hire:  I can “test” and employee and decide if they would be a perfect fit before I hire them on my staff.
  • Direct Hires:  They take care of my entire recruiting process.
  • Professional Search:  They seek out the top talent in the industry and feed me the best. This is especially useful when you never stop recruiting for very hard to find, niche positions.

As the head of a small HR department, I’ve found there are many advantages to using a staffing agency.

Cost & Time Effective
My time is worth money.  The time it takes to recruit, hire, and train an employee is valuable.  And when I make a hiring mistake?  It’s not as if I can just send them away.  There are additional costs involved with replacing someone and leaving a position open during that time.

Advance Staffing removes cost per hire/cost of turnover concerns from the equation.  If I am not 100% satisfied with whom they’ve sent – they send me someone else.  If I need someone tomorrow – I have them on time, every time.

I no longer spend time to placing expensive help wanted advertisements, weeding through 100’s of resumes, interviewing, and waiting on background checks.  I simply call them and they deliver quality people time and time again.

It’s Flexible
I need extra help during our busiest times of the year.  The car business is cyclical, and I don’t want to be saddled with actual employees that would need to be terminated during out slower months.  So whether I need a little extra help during our annual inventory audits or extra people to assist with customers, it’s great to know I can adjust my staff size with temporary help based on business need.

Forming Relationships
Jacque is a perfect example of how long lasting relationships can be built with Advance Staffing employees.  She was able to show us her abilities, and when a position opened in our company, we were able to hire her.  She was noticed as a top performer before I ever had to place an advertisement.  A connection was made between us (the employer) and Jacque (the employee).

At the end of the day, that’s what human capital is all about.  Humans.




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