4 Job Search Stalls to Watch Out For

What is stalling out your job search? Today’s economic conditions and bad unemployment numbers mirror the frustrations that many job seekers have. However, by some expert’s calculations, people are often sabotaging themselves out of jobs. As you are applying for various positions, ask yourself if you could be doing anything that could be hurting your chances of success. Would you call you back for an interview? Knowing what the most common job search stalls are can help you to avoid them.

#1: Being a Passive Seeker

One of the biggest mistakes you will make is being a passive job seeker. For example, do you network locally? Do you get out of the house and talk to people in professional organizations associated with your field? Even more so, when someone gives you information about a potential job, do you follow through? If you are making these types of mistakes, you are missing opportunities that could land you the career you want. Ask yourself if you are doing anything that could reduce your success here.

#2: You Aren’t Taking All The Chances

Another common problem that can stall a job search is simply not taking those changes. Misinformation or assumptions can lead you down the wrong path. Realize there are plenty of opportunities for you to land the type of job you want and need even if you do not think you are qualified for the position. In short, just because you do not meet all of the qualifications listed doesn’t mean you won’t land the job. Apply – it cannot hurt.

#3: You Have A Bad Attitude

It is hard to stay motivated and pushing towards success when you are struggling to keep your head above water. However, when you walk into a job interview or talk to someone that may know of a position for you, they are not going to go any further if they can see that bad attitude on your face. Keep yourself positive. Keep striving to stay motivated throughout the process, too.

#4: You Are Holding Out

Are you the type of person that is holding out for that perfect job with the corner office or with that big firm you just want to be a part of? Chances are good holding out like this is going to hurt you in the long term. You can always wait for that ideal job after you are hired and working for another firm now. Employers with the better jobs are more likely to consider you if you are working in the field anyway. Sometimes, taking a job that is in the field, even if it is not the ideal position, is the route to take.

Job seekers can easily become frustrated. Instead of making every day about finding a job, do give yourself one day a week at least where you walk away from it all to clear your head. Most importantly, give yourself the opportunity to succeed by always staying the course. You may find it a bit difficult to these things, but doing so can help you to find the right job sooner rather than later.




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