The Importance of Hiring a Social Candidate – Who Doesn’t Just Look Good on Paper

Hiring the right candidate takes more than just looking at what the professional can do based on his or her paper application. Many employers are spending time researching and learning about candidates more fully, outside of the standard resume. Recruiters want to know if a candidate is social and what their social skills are doing for them. After all, in a globally connected world, it is critical to communicate at the best level and that means being a socially active person, both online and offline.

What Is a Social Candidate?

The right candidate for any position needs to have the proper technical skills and the experience necessary to do the job. However, soft skills, including communication skills, are just as vital. Those who have limited social skills often lack the ability to use the knowledge they have to do their job properly. Turnover is higher. They often struggle with relationships within the workplace. Some never move from lower level positions due to their inability to communicate. They can even contribute to a poor morale among employees.

On the other side, a social candidate is one that does embrace working with others and has good communication skills to back it up. These professionals may stand out in an interview but they also stand out when researching them online. Here are some of the features to look for in the social candidate.

  • Choose someone that understands and monitors the way his or her actions affect those around them.
  • Does the candidate show concern for others through their actions and words? Do they understand how to manage other people’s feelings?
  • Does the individual have good control over him or herself in terms of communication? When expressing emotions, do they do so in a negative, abusive or destructive manner? You do not want these traits in your workplace.
  • Are they socially active? Often times, just noticing if a candidate is active in communicating with others (usually in a positive manner) helps indicate how effective communication skills are. Comparatively, a candidate that is not social active could be a factor.
  • Is the individual highly judgmental? Does he or she describe others in a negative light or in a positive one? Those candidates that do not express positive insight but only negative information are often problematic in the workplace.

Why do social skills like these really matter to you?

As a business professional, every detail of the way a person looks, acts and speaks reflects directly on your business. A person that dresses inappropriately, for example, does not represent your company well. Likewise, hiring a candidate that has poor communication and social skills can mean that person’s interactions with your clients and business partners, as well as employees, can be negative. Rather, hire a social candidate with the skills to communicate properly and you could score a candidate you want to work with long term.




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