Treat Every Event as a Networking Opportunity

Every event you attend, personal and business related, is an opportunity to network. Do not be the person that just shakes his head. Be the person that shakes hands, smiles and learns about the other person. Doing so could help you to find your next position. It may pay more, provide better benefits and serve your long-term needs better. The more people you meet, the more likely it is for you to find someone that needs your talents.

Positive Opportunities to Build Your Network

Putting yourself into a variety of positions will allow you to find the employment you are looking for and need. There are various ways that you can use your everyday event to get attention from prospective hiring managers, business owners or others who could be in the know.

  • Set out to make new friends and colleagues. Rather than waiting for your friends to show up, set out to meet others. Doing so could help you to build a network that is more versatile. It shows you are interested in others too.
  • Give back to those who you meet. As you start talking to new people, find a way to stay in contact with them. For example, if they had trouble with their vehicle on the way to the event, offer to send them a text message with your mechanic’s name. If they are interested in a news piece you were speaking about, ask for an email address to send them the article.
  • Keep your job description to a limit. Even if you are out of work, keep things simple and straightforward. Instead of spending a full minute discussing where you work, say something like “I’m currently helping a small business succeed online.” That gets them interested.
  • Keep some business cards in your pocket, along with a pen. Though it is easy enough to add someone’s contact information to your phone right onsite, some people are hesitant to give this out. Rather, be sure you can hand them a business card in case they are in town and want to together.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make within an event is not making an impression. Sitting on the sidelines and not participating may be the easy road to take but it will not help you to grow your business or help you to land a new job. Rather, be active. Smile and look people in the eyes. Be memorable in a positive way. When you step away after a few minutes, thank the individual for talking to you. Invite them to contact you at any time. Allow the other person to feel that you gave them something during that initial few minutes.

By taking these steps, you grow your network. It does not matter if you are at your friend’s wedding or a corporate event in your industry. There are connections to be made in virtually any situation. If you make the connections, you could land the position of a lifetime. You can also use Advance Temporary as an opportunity to work with more companies this year, further expanding your network to find a great job.




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