Predictions and Solutions for the Industrial Sector

The American Staffing Association reached out to representatives in each industry sector to ask: What do you think will be the sector trend to watch this year and how do you predict your sector could change in 2012?

Our president, Stacey Bigelow, was chosen by ASA to speak for the industrial sector and made the following predictions:

  • More businesses will experience additional production needs.
  • Some of the clerical/administrative positions that were lost during the economic downturn will be restored.
  • However, companies will continue to be cautious about committing to permanent hires.
  • The biggest hurdle in this sector will be the shortage of skilled labor.

What else will affect the industrial sector?

Ms. Bigelow pointed out that in an election year, the business world tends to experience a feeling of being unsettled, as companies wait to see whether there will be changes in the country’s administration and therefore changes in how things are done. The financial troubles in Europe are also on many business owners’ minds.

What does this mean for you?

Between the uptick in work, the employee shortage and the global implications of the election and the European economy, more companies are utilizing the flexibility of staffing services. Why?

Simple. They help you work around those issues mentioned above.

  • Need additional employees?
  • Having trouble finding people with the skills you need?
  • Not ready to add to your permanent payroll?

Your staffing firm can provide you with skilled, prescreened employees, whether temporarily or permanently. You don’t have to take the time to find them. You won’t have to pay overtime. You’ll have the people you need to get your work done, without worrying about layoffs or unemployment claims.

Economists predict that we’ll continue to see a slow but positive trend in employment throughout 2012, but it won’t be until 2013 until the economy really begins to pick up steam. Stay tuned to the Advance blog to stay up to date on industry trends and career advice—or call us anytime you’re looking for more.




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