Job Search Advice WORTH Ignoring!

Looking for a job can be a lot like playing golf. You’re going to get a lot of unsolicited advice. Some of it is sound advice. But, not all of these advice you’ll receive should be followed. Your friends and family, like the old-timers on the golf course, mean well but the advice they give isn’t always wise to follow. In fact, some of it could do your job search efforts a little more harm than good. While we can’t cover all the bad advice you might get along the way, here are a few bad pieces of job search advice you might not want to follow.

Bad Advice: Cover Letters are a Waste!

While there are a lot of people who feel that cover letters will do little to assist you in your job search, the truth is that skipping them could be costly. According to a survey conducted by Robert Half, 86 percent of executives who were questioned found cover letters were invaluable for the evaluation process of prospective employees.

The cover letter is your chance to really make a great first impression. Resumes are all about the facts. Picture Detective Friday saying, “Just the facts, ma’am.” The cover letter is your chance to stand out as a flesh and blood person to the hiring manager who initially sees your resume. In other words, it’s your opportunity to shine beyond the initial facts. You can also use the cover letter to explain possible gaps in your resume.

Bad Advice: You Need to do it all Online

The Internet is an impressive tool to assist in the job search process. There isn’t much you can’t do online these days to help you apply for jobs and learn about job opportunities. However, using the Internet exclusively for your job search can cause you to miss out on plenty of potential positions.

The truth of the matter is that face-to-face contact is the best way, by far, to be land a position. This is why it’s so important to add trade shows, job fairs, and career conferences to your list of rounds to make as you search for a job. Don’t forget to check out publications and magazines that deal specifically with your industry too. They can be invaluable resources and not all of the job openings listed in the magazines can be found online.

Bad Advice: You Should Flood the Internet with Resumes

This is one bit of advice that’s probably tempting to follow in the current job market. It’s hard to feel as though you don’t need to spread your resume far and wide in order to get any results at all.

The problem with that line of thinking is that it’s not focused enough and could end up wasting not only your time but also the time of the interviewers as well. If you take your time and only apply for the positions you’re qualified to hold then you’re doing yourself and the hiring companies a favor as well.

It’s also a morale issue to consider too. If you send countless resumes out for jobs you’re really not qualified to do; it can feel discouraging when you don’t get the results you’re hoping to receive. However, if you only send them out for positions that you’re specifically qualified to do then the nibbles and much more likely.

These tips might not guarantee that you get the job you want but they will certainly help you avoid a few costly mistakes in your search. Get the expert advice and help you need from Advance Temporary and launch a new career now!






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