Interview the Company! The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Interviewer to Convey Your Interest

As you work through the interview process, chances are good you will be answering many questions from the potential employer. You should be asking questions, too. By doing so, you will not only get your career needs met, but you will also show the potential employer your true interest in the position. Those candidates that come in and do not say or interact in any way beyond just answer questions often appear to be uninterested. On the other hand, you do not want to come off as if you are only interested in money. The question is, then, what questions should you ask?

Top Questions You Should Ask of the Company

Look at the following questions. Employers and HR managers almost expect candidates to ask questions like these, as it is a key way of gauging their interest in the position. When it comes time to go on that final interview, ensure you are asking the right questions to land the position.

  • Why is the position vacant? It can help you to know what is going on with the company (is it growing or having staffing retention problems) and it can help the company to know you are interested in it.
  • Find out what those that came before you in this position did and what the past expectations were. In short, you will want to know what the company is looking for in a new candidate. This tells you the expectations of the position as well as any challenges you may encounter.
  • Be open and ask if you have the qualifications the company is looking for to fill this position. You want to know if they have any objections to hiring you (so you can counter those concerns) as well, as if the company is considering you.
  • Ask which contracts you may be responsible for being a part of if you are hired. This will give you an idea of the importance of your position and it shows the company you are knowledgeable about the company’s workings.
  • Determine the hierarchy within the company. Will you lead others and if so, who? Who will you report to? This tells you the structure of the organization as well as potentially what type of personality you could end up working with when on the job.

The interview process is typically one in which you expect to be asked questions so the company can determine if you are right for their company. However, you need to ask the same types of questions to ensure the company is right for you. It may not always be these questions that you need to ask, but do participate. Ask questions that help you to get better insight into the company and the position you plan to hold. By doing so, you will open the door for additional opportunities for the company to interact with you, too.




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