6 Ways the Job Search has Changed

Job searches have come a long way in the past decade. The more prevalent mobile phones and devices are becoming in society, the more the job search is evolving. Of course there are quite a few different contributing factors to the ever-changing job search process.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that you can take advantage of these changes.

1)   Technology. This is perhaps the biggest change in the way job searches are performed. Technology has brought many powers to our fingertips through mobile devices and the power of the World Wide Web. Whether you’re using a laptop at home or your mobile phone (or tablet device) at the neighborhood coffee shop, the power of the web has made the job search a much more streamlined process than it was in the days of circling “help wanted” ads in the newspaper.

2)   Scope. The other difference is that your job search is no longer limited to a certain zip code on the map due to the logistics of long distance interviews and assessments. This is once again thanks to the power of technology but the ability exists now to interview, at least initially, across long distances. This opens a whole new world of positions for job seekers and talent for business owners.

3)   Competition. The “great recession” has had a massive impact on jobs and how the search goes. Today’s job search is much more aggressive than those in years past. Job seekers really have to get out there and market themselves in order to get the jobs they want. It’s a common expression that a job search is a full time job in and of itself. Today that is an undisputable fact.

4)   Leverage. In order to get the “cream of the crop” jobs that everyone is in serious competition for, it’s necessary to leverage the power of the web along with social networking sites to really make your presence felt by a company. Social networking, personal branding, and even blogging – as long as it is professional blogging that shows off your talent and expertise – are all necessary components in the process of finding quality jobs in today’s competitive market. The more tools you leverage to assist you in the search, the better your odds of getting hired are.

5)   Customization. Resumes were once a one-size-fits-all-jobs proposition. That isn’t the case today. You need to do your homework on the company and make sure that your resume is specifically tailored for the specific job that’s available with that company. Every company seems to have its own wish list of strengths and weaknesses from employees. Find out what they are and create a resume that highlights your strengths according to the company’s desire. It will make a huge difference in the hiring process and make you more likely to be called in for the all-important interview.

6)   Interviews. In the past, interviews were typically yawner affairs. That’s not the case today. The interview today requires you to be at your best, alert and ready for anything that’s thrown your way. These aren’t the softball questions your grandfather answered. These are hard-hitting questions worthy of an experienced reporter looking for the barest hint of grit in the story.

The job search has changed in many ways. Many of them are definitely for the better. Keeping all of these aspects in mind will help you to be more competitive in this competitive market during your job search.




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