Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Anyone competing for one of the limited jobs available today understands the dilemma that arises when a less than favorable job offer comes your way. But there are times when it definitely is in your best interest to turn down a job offer that makes you uneasy.

Here are a few times when it’s actually a good idea to pass on the job offer that has been presented.

1)   An unfavorable commute. Commutes can be the bane or bonus of a job, depending on the circumstances. Some people enjoy long commutes. It’s their opportunity to listen to music or audio books, and mentally prepare for the day ahead. But other people view the commute as yet another hour on the clock. Make sure that your commute is not going to prove to be problematic for you and directly impact your overall job satisfaction before you take the job.

2)   The company and/or the job offer itself seems to be disorganized. Unless you’re the type of person who thrives in a chaotic work environment, it’s unlikely that this is going to be a good situation for very long. More importantly, it’s a sign that there are problems within the organization that go much deeper than the hole you’re going in to fill.

3)   The pay isn’t going to be adequate to meet your needs or worthy of the demands of the position. Sometimes companies want to see how little they can get away with offering, and are expecting the first offer to be turned down. However there are times when the company isn’t willing to raise the initial offer. It’s a risk, to some degree, to turn down a job because of an inadequate salary—especially in the current job market, but it can be an even greater risk to find yourself stuck in a job that doesn’t meet your basic financial needs.

4)   The company tries to make changes just before you sign the offer or come on board. This is a huge red flag no matter how desperate your need for a job may feel. It’s important to know what’s going to be expected of you before you take the job. Otherwise you may find yourself unskilled in the job specifics or stuck in a job that’s hard to fill because it’s tedious or miserably boring.

5)   When the job offer feels wrong for you. There are countless reasons a job offer may feel wrong to you. It’s time to learn to trust your “gut” on matters such as this. You can’t always put your finger on what is wrong, but if the job feels wrong at the interview stage, it’s unlikely that things will change for the better once you’re gainfully employed.

The fact that this is a highly competitive job market doesn’t mean you have to take the first offer that comes your way. As tough as it seems, there are times when it’s better to continue the job search than to take a job that’s going to cause more harm for your health and frame of mind than good.  For support with finding a job offer that will lead to a great career, be sure to check out the latest contract jobs at Advance Staffing Solutions today!




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