Lean Six Sigma- Reasons Your Organization Needs it

When it comes to manufacturing and engineering processes, efficiency is the key to success. The Lean Six Sigma strategy applies the best of the Six Sigma concepts within a lean production based environment. While Six Sigma focuses on reducing waste and increasing speed, lean production is focused on cutting costs and improving quality of goods. When combined, a Lean Six Sigma becomes a catalyst for sustainable corporate growth.

Corporate Benefits of Lean Six Sigma

There are several reasons why your organization needs Lean Six Sigma in order to realize this success. Obviously, increased efficiency and quality are important elements of business success, but there are many more reasons to implement a Lean Six Sigma program within your organization. Read on to learn more about Lean Six Sigma’s benefits.

  • Sets the organizational standards. As you begin to implement a Lean Six Sigma program in your organization, you will begin to elevate the processes that occur across all departments and levels. This will help to set organizational standards that are consistent for all. Once you do this, you will establish a clear set of guidelines that all managers can follow as they recruit, onboard, train, and develop employees.
  • Easy to implement knowledge. The beauty of a Lean Six Sigma philosophy is that it makes sense in any business. This means the knowledge of the program can be implemented quickly to produce much faster results than other quality assurance programs. By sticking to the guidelines presented in Six Sigma, a lean production program can be taught to all in the company in a short period of time.
  • Value to customers increases. For any organization, being able to rise above the competition can be the difference between gaining a new client or losing out. By proving that your processes are superior as a result of your Lean Six Sigma practices you can distinguish yourself and get more positive opportunities.
  • Improves business sustainability. Investing in a Lean Six Sigma program can provide a valuable source of business sustainability. Once implemented, the processes in the workplace become more efficient, saving in labor and materials. This can lead to long-term opportunities for growth and expansion.

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