Can’t Find a Full Time Industrial Job? Start as a Contractor

The job market, despite news claims of an economic recovery, is still fairly slim in certain sectors – particularly the industrial sector. That means there’s a lot of competition for full time employment in this sector. Even if you have a resume that’s thick with experience, it can be a tough market to break through. While it may not seem like the most attractive option to many people with years of experience in various industrial fields; there is some merit to signing on as contract labor. Here are just a few of the potential benefits you might want to keep in mind as you explore your employment options.

1)   Contractor jobs are in wider supply than full-time industrial positions. If you look through your local Sunday paper or even the job listings online you’re sure to see that most of the listings use language such as: temporary position, contract position, contract-to-hire, etc. It’s not a slim majority either. You’re leaving a lot of potential income off the table if you skip applying for all of the temp-to-hire positions that are available in favor of seeking full-time employment with benefits.

2)   Contract jobs mean money right now. Some of these positions even offer daily pay for daily labor. This means that you get paid at the end of the day for the work you’ve done. Depending on how long you’ve been searching for work, the fact that you don’t have to wait two or more weeks for your first paycheck is a huge benefit to keep in mind. It can mean the difference between a steady diet of Ramen noodles or a little meat and having a little bit of meat and potatoes on the menu.

3)   Many companies simply aren’t hiring direct any more. They’ve realized that they can save money and training hours by hiring contractors for the openings. When they find promising contractors they keep them in mind for full time positions as they arise. Contractors also don’t generally get the same benefits packages that full-time employees receive although they do typically earn very similar wages so this does save companies money. More importantly, it gives you, as the worker, and the company an opportunity to test the waters before making any formal commitment for long-term or full time employment.

Once upon a time, contractor jobs had a negative connotation in the field of industrial work. That simply isn’t the case today. If you’ve been running yourself ragged from one interview to the next with no results to show for your efforts, then it’s time to explore the potential benefits of becoming a contractor. It might make a world of difference in your current financial situation and could easily lead to the full time job you really want.

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