5 Ways to Make Your Seasonal Hiring More Efficient

Hiring seasonal employees can be quite the challenge at times. The competition among businesses to attract top talent is fierce and heats up early during peak seasons. But, there are things you can do that will help you be more efficient and effective at finding those talented individuals to add to your roster of seasonal workers.

1)   Start the hiring process earlier than your competitors. This might seem like overkill; but it is the most effective way to ensure that you’re getting the employees that are forward thinking and ready to roll once the season begins. The most important aspect of this is that it doesn’t leave you scrambling to find workers at the last minute.

2)   Hire more workers, initially, than you believe you’ll need. For whatever reasons, most companies lose a lot of seasonal workers throughout the season. Some workers meet their personal goals and no longer need the work, others find permanent positions, and still others find that they really aren’t as suited for the work as they believed they would be. You need to be prepared for this ahead of time and have contingencies in place, such as a workforce that’s sufficient to lose at least two-thirds of its numbers throughout the season or a handy list of backup candidates to call in if needed. Some companies continue hiring throughout the season in order to replenish their numbers as well.

3)   Invite previous employees to come back. In fact, if you’ve had people who have worked well for you in the past you might want to not only invite them to come back but also to ask them for referrals. They know what the job entails and that they’ll be the ones “picking up the slack” if they don’t recommend hard workers. They are often better able to pick out and refer good, solid employees for you than most HR staff members could easily identify from a stack of applications.

4)   Hire your customers. The people who buy your product day after day and year after year are often the people who are best suited to get excited about working for your company—even if it’s in a seasonal capacity. They know your brand. They use your brand. They are in an ideal situation to help promote your brand as well. If you really want to reel them in, consider letting them know about any employee discounts or other perks you have to offer.

5)   Develop a reputation for respecting your employees. There are few things that can go further to help you get good employees, seasonal or otherwise, than developing a reputation that says you show your employees respect. It can overcome many workplace deficiencies such as only offering seasonal work, paying less than some competitors, and even offering fewer employee benefits because it’s become such a rarity in today’s businesses. Be that business and you’ll be much better able to entice talented seasonal workers to your business.

The above ways can make a big difference in your efforts to hire the cream of the crop when it comes to hiring seasonal workers. For even more success with recruiting seasonal temporary workers, Advance Staffing provides many excellent candidates year round.




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