What Workers Want from their Bosses this Summer

What can employers do to enable employees to be happier on the job? One thing they can do is to realize that summer is not when most workers want to put in long hours. Rather, a study found that in the summer, employees long for long weekends where they can cut out of work early on Fridays and flexible schedules to accommodate mid-week breaks. Is that outrageous? The same study found that employers are happy to offer these benefits.

Controlling the Schedule

There are many benefits to having some control over their schedule, employees note. A survey of 400 employees and more than 500 human resource managers provided the information. In the survey it was found that many employees expect these types of concessions during the warmer months.

  • 41 percent of all workers participating in the study desire flexible schedules during the summer months.
  • 28 percent of those who participated want the ability to leave early on Fridays.
  • Some employees desire company picnics and a more laid-back dress code during the warmer months, too.

It used to be that summer was time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. It could be the fact that workers are putting in longer hours or it could be that more employers are hoping to accommodate the needs of their employees. In either case, employers are on board with providing such incentives.

Employers Offer Incentives

Employers who responded to the same survey were more than happy to extend some benefits to their employees during the warmer months. About 75 percent of them allowed for flexible schedules, which is the most commonly requested feature from employees. As far as Friday’s go, employers understand this need too. Accordingly, about 63 percent of them will allow employees to leave early on Fridays to get a bigger weekend in.

As for the other requests from employees, employers want to provide help there, too. About 50 said they reduced their dress code requirements and about 25 percent stated that they offered some type of picnic or outing during the summer for employees. About 6 percent stated they offered no benefits for this time of the year.

Should You?

A big question to ask then is should you be offering some type of incentive to your employees? It is a good idea to accommodate the needs of employees when it fits within your schedule and your abilities. However, it is critical to do so properly and that often means that there should be some level of supervision involved. While most will be more committed to their job when you offer incentives like this, there may be the one or two people who take advantage of it. That is why it is important to have monitoring in place.




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