Motivating Your Employees to be Productivity Machines

Motivating employees in the industrial and manufacturing sector is not always easy. The work can be dull and boring. It can be something that people dread doing. However, as an HR manager, you should be fully understanding of the fact that productivity will make or break any business. Without hard working employees, even to the point of having productivity machines in them, you could end up lose valuable profits.

How to Motivate Employees Now

How can you turn uninspired workers into motivated, power-working machines? It all starts in knowing how to get under their skin and ensuring you have the right people on the job.

  1. Hire the right people for the job. The first step is to hire those who are willing to work hard and are detail driven. You also want to ensure that candidates are not over qualified as this can lead to the boredom some suffer from.
  2. Set goals and educate employees on those goals. Nothing is worse than waiting for employees to achieve objectives except finding out that they did not know what needed to be done first. Be clear about goals expected.
  3. Pay a fair rate. If employees believe they are being paid at a fair rate, they are far more likely to hit objectives. Those who feel they are underpaid, on the other hand, are more likely to slack off when they can do so.
  4. Keep productivity high by being around. Walk the floor from time to time, but never the same time every day. When employees see that you are around and that you are monitoring progress, they are more likely to stay on task.
  5. Manage incentives properly. Sometimes, incentives can be a great way to motivate your team to achieve bigger and better things, but you need to use them properly. Don’t let employees become so dependent on them that they do not work when no incentive program is in place. At the same time, do make incentives achievable goals. Who wants to work towards a goal they do not think they can reach?
  6. Manage people as if they are human. Yes, you may want them to work like machines, but you also need to ensure there is a human factor in place. Employers like personal attention. Companies that are able to learn an employee’s true potential, likes and dislikes and skill set and use them wisely will get more out of the employee than those that do not.

Overall, motivating your employees to achieve goals in this industry means you need to be creative and positive. Work hard to set reasonable goals and say thank you when employees accomplish those goals. Build trust with your employee base, too, so they know they are look up to their leaders.




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