How to Conduct a Job Search with a Criminal Record

Getting a job in this economy is tough for everyone. For people who have a criminal record, it’s tougher still. Even in the best of times, it can be slow going to find the job that will net you that all important second chance. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you find a job and get the new start you’ve been looking for.

Be Honest about Your Past

There is some truth to the saying that honesty is the best policy. It’s better, even if it costs you the job initially, to be honest up front and not get the job than to get it and be fired later on for failing to disclose your criminal record.

Some businesses will not hire anyone with a criminal record while others will, depending on what your former criminal activity involved. Obviously, you’ll have a hard time finding a job dealing with a company’s finances if you were convicted of embezzlement in the past. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find employment in positions that do not require the handling of money and/or finances.

Apply for Jobs You’re Qualified to Perform

As with any job search, it’s important to apply for jobs you have the skills, knowledge, and qualifications to perform. If you’re a perfect match for the job, skill-wise, employers will be more inclined to overlook a criminal history and give you a chance.

When you’re applying for jobs where employers would already be taking a chance because you don’t have a history of experience or education in the field, it’s difficult to get them to overlook your record in order to do so.

Have a Positive Attitude

It’s hard when doors keep being slammed in your face, but it’s very important to remain positive as you look for a job. Every interview is a new opportunity. If you’re still dwelling over the negative outcome of your last interview, you’ll have a very difficult time making a good impression in this interview.

Also, it helps the interviewers to see the positive attitude coming from you. It’s one other thing that makes hiring you feel like less of a risk to the employer. The main thing you want to project to potential employers is that you will be an asset to the team. A positive attitude is half the battle in most businesses.

Consider Getting Help for the Job Search Process

There are services in most cities and states that are designed to help people with criminal records get jobs. Whether it’s your first job after being released or you’re looking to change fields and improve your situation, there are resources to help you accomplish your goals. You might also consider vocational rehabilitation services, the Salvation Army, and other resources for assistance in finding employment. Don’t rule out employment agencies as well.

There are jobs out there for you, despite your criminal record. Patience isn’t something you can always afford however. These tips will help improve your odds of getting the job you need regardless of your past.

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