Build a Smart Foundation for Manufacturing Productivity

When it comes to building a smarter manufacturing company, companies need to do what’s important to them – putting together the pieces to make a product. Yet, manufacturing productivity is often a factor. There are some companies now taking steps to make the technology aspect of manufacturing so foolproof and easy to manage that companies can get back to focusing on what they do best – manufacturing without having to figure out where technology comes into place.

Productivity Matters

In nearly all situations, productivity is a big discussion point within the manufacturing industries. As staffing agencies, you know the value of finding team players that can meet productivity goals – it keeps the business going. However, for these companies, it is also important to find a way to get around technology difficulties.

Many manufacturing companies are facing a higher demand for increased productivity. Though some of this comes from staffing the right people, there is much more to the process.

Smarter Manufacturing Systems

Some companies are taking the goal of improving productivity to a new level. They are building smarter manufacturing systems (something your staff may soon see rolling out more frequently in the coming months.) The goal is to allow manufacturing companies to get back to managing what they produce and to leave the technology aspects of putting together manufacturing systems to the experts.

Staffing Agencies and Productivity

Could your staffing agency do something the same? Consider what some companies are doing to enable increased manufacturing productivity. For example, some are developing systems that provide mobile capabilities to keep business managers and operators in constant, instant access of each other no matter where they are. Cloud-based services are making the process secure, reliable, and real-time. This enables far more to be accomplished in a matter of a shorter period of time. This is a clear benefit to increased productivity.

In some cases, manufacturers are facing pressure to see significant productivity gains in a short period of time. Massive demographic changes as well as global competition are encouraging this demand. According to some reports, an estimated 70 million people will be moved out of poverty and will become consumers. Those 70 million people, over the course of the next ten years, will contribute to $8 trillion in spending. As this clearly demonstrates, it is critical for massive improvements in productivity to happen. Realizing it cannot come from just people and staffing enhancements, many companies are pushing for smarter manufacturing systems as a must-have.

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