Advise on Using Social Media in an Industrial Job Search

Finding an industrial job can be a challenge. As a job seeker, social media may be the best tool available to you to find the right job. Social media is a method of interacting with others in the employment world in a more social manner than you may be used to. If you are a professional who has focused his or her career on applying for positions through written applications, it may be time to brush off your computer and learn about social media sites.

Where to Start with Social Media Job Searching

If this is the first time you are looking for a job in this manner, you’ll need a few tips to help you to get your foot in the door. Social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and dozens of others, allow people to connect with each other online. This can be a great way to find out about others in your industry and where the best industrial jobs are.

As a job seeker, your goal is to connect with those who you may be able to apply with or those who may know about job openings in the industrial field. This could include hiring managers in industrial companies. You can also connect with industrial businesses that you would like to work at directly. The key is to gain as many connection points as possible.

Set Up the Right Social Media Profile

Another step to take is to set up a stellar profile. A profile is like a resume, but on a much less formal manner. It communicates who you are, what your job history is, what you are looking for and who you want to connect with. Every social media account worth belonging to is free to use and set up like this. Make that your goal.

Connect and Interact in a Positive Manner

You do not want to use social network connections as a type of sales platform in which you are trying to sell yourself or your skills. Rather, you want these interactions to be more social. For example, if you hope to land a job with an industrial company, interact with the hiring manager about trends in the industry.

Should You Ask for a Job on Social Networks?

It is a good idea to connect with individuals on a professional level and then to drop a hint that you are looking for a job. It is best to ask for recommendations for positions or to be alerted if a specific type of job opens up. This allows you to ease your way into that interview, instead of appearing “desperate” for employment.

Remember, with industrial jobs, the competition is often fierce. No matter if you are looking for a floor position or upper level management, chances are good you’ll be better able to achieve that interview if you interact with the company socially rather than just turning in an application. Learn more about social media by reading our previous related posts:

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