The Secrets to Being a Great Leader

Every strong company needs a great leader. No matter what position you are in with a company, striving to be a great leader is always a good goal to have. After all, it can provide you with the tools and resources you need to mold employees into what you need them to be, not to mention help you to achieve the goals of the organization. Being a leader can also help you take your career to a higher level. However, most people do not know what goes into being a fantastic leader.

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell, Author and Spiritual Leader

What Traits Do Great Leaders Have?

Do you have the traits that good leaders have? In some cases, you may be lacking some of those basic, good-for-your company traits that can help you to take the company further. Do you have these?

  • Are you the type of person to walk past a problem (no matter how big or small) and not do anything about it? Even at the top of the management chain, you can still stop to pick up trash, handle the small quarrel, or deal with the customer concern. Even if someone else can do it, you still should.
  • Do you allow employees to do what they do best without getting involved? In the industrial workplace, for example, do you tell those operating the machinery how to do their job or do you allow them to do what they know best? The best leaders play to the strengths of the employees and understand their weaknesses.
  • Do you do your own work? Are you accountable to the tasks you are supposed to perform? Delegating tasks is one thing. It is definitely something you can do. However, there’s a difference in delegating the organization of a problem and getting up to get your own coffee. Leaders use people where they fit best not to make their own job easier.
  • Do you shine or do you let your company shine? Even in the biggest companies, the worst thing for the company is for a leader to be an “I” leader. In other words, this person is happy to take the spotlight and run with it. A good leader focuses the spotlight on the people who make the company successful.
  • Do you tackle problems fast? Do you jump as quickly as you can for the offer? In other words, great leaders tackle problems right away as soon as there is one. What if your customer’s lose service for hours, how quickly do you react?

All of these factors are critical when it comes to being the best person for the job. However, not every leader realizes that the role he or she plays directly affects the way the company functions. A great leader leads by example. He or she is accountable, hard working and dedicated to making the company shine. Though it may seem cliché, the fact is, a great leader strives to better the employee.

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