Ways to Approach an Interview Perfectly

After searching for months for a new job, you’ve just received an invitation to interview for a great new assignment with a dream company. So, how do you prepare for what could be the opportunity of a lifetime?

The way in which you approach the interview process can be the difference between being asked back for a second interview and being disqualified from consideration. Have you ever heard the expression “The first impression you make is a lasting one”? This means you need to walk into the interview with the confidence and right approach to the questions you may encounter.

Perfect Approach to Interviewing for the Best Impression

Here are some ways to approach an interview in the most perfect way, to impress the interviewer and make a positive impression the first time.

  • Arrive early and dressed for success. People often make their judgments by the way they see others, and recruiters are no exception to this fact. Therefore, you will want to approach any interview with tact by dressing professionally and conservative for the corporate culture you may be working in. You’ll also want to arrive at least 15-minutes early for the interview so you can appear to be punctual and get acclimated beforehand.
  • Bring a printed copy of your resume and references. Recruiters often see multiple people each day for interviews, especially those who conduct the initial screening sessions. Therefore, you can make their job easier by bringing a copy of your resume and your references with you. In some cases, they may be calling your references before you even leave the building.
  • Provide access to your work portfolio. Today’s hiring managers are more concerned with seeing results than hearing about your former job duties. While you are explaining your achievements, have visual representations of your portfolio in a “show and tell” style.
  • Have a shortlist of questions prepared. During an interview, the company is getting to know more about you. However, very few people use this time to find out more about the company too. Prepare yourself and show more interest in the company as a whole by having a list of at least 3-5 questions relevant to the type of company, projects, clients and work you may be dealing with.
  • Talk in a positive and focused manner. Keep all your answers and comments positive, even when talking about former employers. This bodes favorably with recruiters who are looking for people with positive attitudes and smiles. Keep your conversation going in a focused manner, and find out all you can about the position you may be offered, such as salary, growth opportunities, and corporate objectives.

No interview is 100 percent perfect, but it can be a lot more productive if you understand how to best approach it. Get prepared for interviews by working with the caring experts at Advance Staffing Solutions in Ohio and Michigan.




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