Improving Company Culture – Helpful Tips

It used to be that businesses were filled with employees who were grateful just to have employment. Now, even amid the ups and downs of an unstable economy, employees are looking for more than just a paycheck. The best talent is looking for opportunities to work for organizations that have superior corporate cultures and work values that can help them grow as professionals in their chosen fields.

Making the Corporate Culture Better

While some companies “get this”, others struggle to improve the corporate culture. Yet, there are ways to make the overall culture of any workplace better through a variety of efforts that honor a central values core.

Re-launch the corporate mission and values statement. If your corporate culture is drifting from the organization’s original mission as set forth by the founders, it’s time to send a clear message to all about what the company stands for. Take the time to hold an educational session, market your mission and value statements with some good press, and give employees a reason to uphold your foundational values.

Tone things down with a casual, flexible work environment. All too often, workplaces become overly concerned with fashion shows, politics and strict rules. This can make any corporate culture turn negative over time. Instead, allow employees to dress in appropriate business casual, improve meeting spaces with informal seating arrangements, and give staff the option to use flextime.

Hire the candidates who fit in with your improved culture. You can greatly enhance your corporate culture by bringing on new hires who closely match your company culture. Look for pre-screened candidates who have the right personalities, skill sets, and attitudes the do their assignments well. Make sure you honor diversity and interview candidates several times to make sure they will successfully bring your corporate culture up.

Give employees a reason why they need to be part of the corporate culture’s success. When employees are regularly recognized and rewarded for their contribution to the company, the culture becomes a more pleasant thing. Take the time to celebrate achievements and let your staff know you value them every time you can. Your corporate culture will become legendary.

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