Manufacturing Resume Details for Success in Your Job Search

Looking for a job in manufacturing and figure you don’t need a resume to get your foot in the door? Think again!  Today’s manufacturing companies have become just as competitive as other industries, so as a job seeker you need to put your best foot forward with a well-written manufacturing resume. With a resume for a manufacturing assignment, the devil is in the details.

Styling Details of a Manufacturing Resume

Writing a resume that’s geared towards the manufacturing sector is about the style, rather than just substance. This is essentially so that hiring managers can learn why they need to hire you right from the first time they review your resume. The style details of your resume should include the following elements.

Complete Contact Information

Make the job of the manufacturing recruiter an easier one by providing your full name and contact information at the start of the resume. Include at least two phone numbers and your email address for ease in communicating career opportunities with you.

Summary of Qualifications

Most recruiters spend less than a minute reviewing each applicant’s resume, therefore you need to make this count by putting your summary of qualifications summary at the top of your resume, under your name and contact information. This tells them at a glance if you are a person who is eligible for the assignments they have to fill.

Bulleted List of Skills and Credentials

In manufacturing, as in other career fields, there will be specific skills that you will need to have in order to work in certain types of industrial roles. This can include not only skills, but credentials like certifications and training that applies to the work you do. Make sure you list these, up to 7 of them, in a bulleted list directly under your summary of qualifications.

Achievements in Manufacturing

Hiring managers like to see that you have gone over and beyond the routine duties of past assignments. Instead of writing dull descriptions of your job duties, create a list of your actual achievements. You may want to include things that indicate you are mindful of working efficiently and meeting deadlines, as well as managing your tasks and working to high quality standards.

Employment History

For a manufacturing resume, most recruiters will only want to see the jobs that you have worked in that are relevant to the tasks you will be doing in a new assignment. Go back no longer than 12 years, and include references for each job to make it easier for the hiring manager to verify your employment background.

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