Getting Industrial Employees Off on the Right Foot – Starts on the First Day at Work

With your new industrial employee hired and ready to go, you may be ready to throw him or her on the floor and hope that the employee is the type to jump in and figure it out. If you are not giving your new hire all of the information he or she needs from the start, you may be losing a valuable opportunity to set the framework for your relationship with that employee for years to come.

The First Day as a New Manufacturing Employee

What do you do, then, when a new hire is ready for you? In many industrial businesses, we focus a lot of time on the hands-on training but lose focus of some small, key things you need to do with these new hires.

  • Provide some information about the culture in your business. To do this, provide materials like videos, handbooks and other materials that give an idea to the new employee about the culture of the workplace.
  • Provide a mentor. Another step in the right direction is to assign a mentor to the individual right away. This could be a colleague with the goal of showing the new hire around and to handle any questions they may have. This can help the new employee to feel less out of sorts.
  • Put lunch on the schedule. It is a good idea to meet up with your new hire around lunch time and to talk. This is a great opportunity to bring in a few other team members as well. This type of interaction can really make the individual feel at home and comfortable in the environment.
  • Put some goals in place right from the start. If you do this, make sure they are attainable goals, ones the employee can feel good about reaching at the end of the day or the week. You’ll build up their morale in the process.

By getting these simple things in place now, you can help ensure your new hire fits into the workforce better. In an industrial environment, it can be a challenge to ensure that the team fits in. Work has to be done. Tasks need to be completed. However, putting in place this type of help can help to ensure that your team is receptive and that your new hire gets the best opportunity to do well. After all, you’ve already invested the time and money into this person. Make it count.

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