Predicting Recruitment in 2013 – Six Recruiting Trends to Watch For

What’s in store for recruitment processes in the coming year? According to experts, recruiting is about to hit a major boom in 2013. This is for several reasons. First, with the unemployment rate dropping slightly in many regions, this is an indicator that more companies are hiring – meaning that they are ready for great candidates sourced by professional recruiters.

Since there have been many advancements in recruiting technology, including new social recruiting methods and candidate tracking systems, there are some predictions for the recruiting market in 2013. Here are just a few.

Recruiters will use content knowledge to attract candidates. The term in-bound marketing is one used to describe how conversion is created through online connections. This will become a trend in the recruiting world too as more recruiters share their expertise to attract the best candidates vs. traditional sourcing and research methods.

Social recruiting will provide advanced applicant tracking tools. In terms of recruiting, social networking has given recruiters the power to find candidates faster and more effectively online. To step things up even more, social recruiting developers will begin to recognize how important it is to track metrics to provide ROI information for recruiting teams.

Online job boards will become interactive. While popular job boards will remain strong going into 2013, the ability to connect in real time will present itself as an added benefit of using these resources. In fact, many recruiters are already turning to social networks and other live communication tools to connect with and influence job seekers.

Virtual recruiting teams will continue to grow. There is a huge push for qualified recruiters to work in niche industries yet many companies are not ready to hire on additional recruiters. To offset these needs, there will be an increase in the number of recruitment teams who work collectively, with pooled resources, to source and place the best candidates.

Recruiting will continue to influence mobile technology. With more recruiters working remotely, the need for mobile access to recruiting tools is critical to success. Therefore, developers will be focused on building more mobile friendly recruitment apps and portals.

Staffing agencies will become preferred partners. Instead of being viewed as a temporary source of staff, recruitment and staffing agencies will continue to become integral pieces of the puzzle for business growth in 2013. Agencies like Advance Staffing Solutions can provide the support and services that companies need to stay ahead of hiring trends.




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