Attracting Talent with Your Employer Brand

Attracting talent is the number one goal of many businesses today. After a long-term hiring freeze, many businesses are just beginning the hiring process once again. Now the goals have shifted from what they were five or six years ago—for the companies doing the hiring as well as job seekers who are looking for jobs.

In most cases, bitter experience has taught the currently employed that they should never stop looking for a job. But another explanation could be that they are seeking validation that they made the right decision when choosing their job by comparing what they have to what other companies have to offer.

Your mission, as a business in the competitive world in which we live, is to make sure your employer brand makes you an attractive choice to job prospects rather than one that has them actively seeking out what other companies have to offer instead. Here are a few ways you can accomplish that mission.

Build an Employer Brand that Clarifies Your Company Culture

It’s important that the company culture you present to the world is the one your company actually promotes. Failing to do so can lead to a lot of short-term employees or a disengaged work force. Many candidates do a lot of homework before deciding which jobs they’re going to apply for. One of the biggest things they look for is an employer culture that represents the values they feel are important in the work place.

It’s not all about benefits packages, higher salaries, or stock options for today’s job seekers. It’s about finding a company that promotes from within, values input from employees, and supports a work-life balance—or countless other things that some people find more important than others.

Some people need micromanagement, for instance, while some find it to be creatively stifling. If you misrepresent yourself in the matter, one or the other style of employee is going to be disappointed and, perhaps, extremely unhappy, with the career choice he or she made.

Actively Participate in Engagement Efforts

Engagement is a word we’re hearing more and more about in the modern workplace. It’s one of the most important tools for employee retention and attraction a company has to offer. What is your company doing to engage existing employees? This is something you’ll want to discuss in your online literature, recruitment pages, and social media outlets. This is something you also want to get your employees excited enough to talk about in these venues as well. Happy employees (outside of upper management) are the first sign that job seekers have that your company is a great company to work for.

As an employer of choice, you’ll want to bring in top talent to work on your employer brand. If you want results, make small changes that favor engagement and factually represent your company culture to the world in order to enjoy a more positive outcome for attracting new talent to come work for your company. If you are looking for staffing agencies in Michigan to help find top talent for your company, look no further, contact Advance today!

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