Attract the Best Talent to Your Business with a Defined Brand

Your business thrives because of the good people you employ. But have you given much thought to how your company brand may be affecting the experience of candidates who walk through your doors? This is something you must plan for because of several factors taking place in the job market.

  1. Specialized skill sets are getting harder to find in the candidate pool.
  2. Baby boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 employees per day.
  3. Industries need talent with advanced technology skills to maintain innovation.

A brand is the message that you communicate to the rest of the world about your business, what it stands for, and the culture of the workplace. Do this right and your business can attract top performance candidate. Do this wrong, and you’ll encounter an overflow of unqualified candidates.

In a special report released in the third-quarter of 2012, LinkedIn ‘s The State of Employer Brand indicated that many employers are concerned with their employer brand as a way to attract better talent. The figures in this report, gathered from over 3,000 global employers, revealed a recruitment brand strategy.

  • 83 percent of the polled employers said that a well-defined corporate brand can attract higher quality candidates.
  • The leading factor in the decision to invest in corporate branding is efficient candidate acquisition 61 percent of the time.
  • More than half of all employers in the report are actively taking steps now to improve their corporate brand strategy to attract candidates.

There are several ways to define your brand so that it becomes an effective candidate magnet. These social branding methods can give you access to the cream of the crop in terms of future employees, which can give your business a leading edge in your industry.

Create consistency with your brand – Your brand should be the same across all outreach methods and online marketing campaigns. Keeping a brand message consistent proves that you are in touch with candidates and the objectives of your company.

Establish your brand as the best – A well-defined brand also speaks volumes about your company leadership as the experts in your industry. Make sure all corporate communications reflect this to impress high performance candidates.

Demonstrate your corporate culture – One of the ways your brand influences targeted talent pools is by giving a glimpse into what daily life is like within your business. This is especially important as new generations of workers are looking for fun and collaborative workplaces to build a career.




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