Do You Have a Healthy Employee Recognition Program?

If you were to take the temperature of your current employee recognition program, would it end up hot or cold? In many workplaces, the addition of employee recognition programs become an afterthought – most often spurred by production challenges and falling retention rates. Yet, an employee recognition program can be a boon to your business for many other reasons.

When well-managed, an employee recognition program can support a workplace that is actively engaged in the betterment of all employees. This leads to higher levels of productivity, innovation, and collaboration. All of these factors help make a business grow strategically with the best employees who are on board for success.

To develop a healthy employee recognition program, here are some steps your company can take right now.

Evaluate the current incentive and recognition program.

Before you tackle the challenge of updating your employee recognition program, take the time to review what has been in place and what is being taken advantage of by employees. This should give you a good basis for developing an improved recognition program.

Conduct a 360 degree survey to find out what drives your employees.

Another way you can develop a healthier employee incentive plan is to ask your employees in a confidential way. Use a 360 degree survey to do this and you’ll be sure to get to the core of the incentives that your employees are looking for. After all, if incentives don’t mean anything to your staff, then they are not worth the time to implement.

Work with a staffing agency to improve your incentive plan.

If cost and time are factors in your hesitation to add more items to your employee recognition program, you can find support from a quality staffing agency. Ask what perks or bonuses can be obtained for contracting a temporary workforce. Ask for more ideas that will work well given your current employee population.

Look for low cost, easy to manage employee recognition ideas.

The best employee recognition programs are easy on the budget and your schedule. Find those that are simple and manageable. Focus on value and consistency rather than on dollar figures. Remember, employees like to be appreciated so make sure your management team is thanking them often in many different ways.

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