How to Have a Proactive Interview this Spring

Are you ready for your job interview? Whether this is your first interview or you have had dozens of them before, you need to be well prepared and proactive. Getting chosen for an interview is a great first step, but it doesn’t guarantee you the job.

The next process is preparing for and going through the interview stage. During this time, you should be proactive and take the initiative, in order to stand out and give the interviewer a reason to consider you above others.

Get the Details Right

Being proactive with your interviews starts before you even have the interview. You should always call or email ahead of time to verify the interview details. This means confirming your interview date and time, making sure you have the interview person’s name and contact information, and that you can arrive on time.

If you have a car, drive to the company before the interview to make sure you get there without getting lost. If you usually take public transportation, ask for a ride on the day of the interview so you don’t risk not having proper transportation.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Not only should you be answering questions in the right manner, but asking questions as well. This is one of the best ways to be proactive during your interview. Think of intelligent and insightful questions to ask the company. It shows you have more interest in the company, and that is isn’t just a “job.”

When the interviewer ask if you have any questions, be sure to have a few lined up in wait. Avoid questions about benefits or salary. Instead, ask questions about the company itself.

Show Your Interest in the Company

To further show interest in the company you may be working for, request a tour of the facilities. Even a small office has several areas to be shown. This is great incentive toward showing your honest interest in their establishment.

While on the tour, ask questions about their products or services, or even offer your own insight into what you have learned so far about their company. Researching them beforehand gives you the upper hand when you go on your tour.

Send a Thank-you letter

You should always send a thank-you letter within 48 hours of your interview. It can be a professionally-worded email sent to the person who interviewed you, or a handwritten note send to their offices.

Now that you know how to be proactive, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to be noticed and recognized as someone willing to go the extra mile. While these may seem like small things, every detail and initiative you take, is one step closer to the job you want.





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