6 Elements of Becoming a Great Manager for Your Team

From football stadiums and military troops to the meeting rooms of Fortune 500’s, the key to a successful team is a great manager. Yet, few too many professionals comprehend the skills that make a great manager, and they end up failing to realize their potential as a leader. When working towards the goal of being a high performance manager, there are some critical things to focus on first.


The ability to communicate well, in both written and verbal formats is the hallmark of a great manager. From writing memorable memos to presenting complex topics to groups, a manager must have the skills to convey messages clearly to others. Learn to communicate well and you will be on your way to becoming a better team leader.


Being a great manager means recognizing the unique skills that each team member brings to the table, and then delegating tasks to the appropriate person. No manager worth his salt will try to take on all the tasks himself. Instead, an effective manager will delegate tasks to others who can efficiently handle them.


To be a stand out manager, you need to have a plan. This plan can include everything from how you will design team processes to how you will grow your team skills. Strategy must often align with corporate goals too, so you will want to work in tandem with other executive leaders.


A large part of being a great leader comes down to the people you manage. Without quality people, a team cannot ever hope to achieve much of anything. Choose your staffers carefully, and consider a temporary staffing model to attain the best selection of employees.


While you may be striving towards getting more respect from subordinates, as a manager your role should be to pay respect to the hardworking people who make your team successful. Learn to talk with and treat people with respect, listen to their ideas, and develop their talents. These behaviors will help you to be a great manager.


As a great manager, your role is not only to lead, but to mentor to your team members. Management is about leading by example, therefore you will want to take the helm and demonstrate to others how they can realize their full career potential. Match senior employees up with new hires and take mentoring to a whole new level.

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