Drive Employee Potential with These Tips

As a manager or HR leader, you’ve probably encountered a few employees in your lifetime who show the potential for greatness, but for whatever reason they’ve decided to take easy street. Every company has a few of these employees on board – so called “Slackers” who could do so much more for your company and their careers, but they instead choose to work at less than full capacity and do not reach their full potential.

Why do employees fail to reach their potential at work?

There are a few common reasons why employees begin to reduce their productivity in their roles. First, they may not be getting any positive feedback from their supervisor. Second, they lack the incentive to perform better. Third, the company culture may not encourage performance. Lastly, they have become burnt out in their role.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to drive employee potential!

Here are some ways to light the fire for employees who have the ability, but not the desire to perform better at work. Use these ideas to increase participation and productivity.

Give employees meaningful incentives

To encourage hard work, a company can introduce new and improved incentives and benefits to the workplace. Make them attainable and meaningful to the employees you are trying to bring up to speed. A little friendly competition never hurts.

Verbally praise employees for their good work

Employees need to receive feedback when they do a great job. Make sure your management team is praising for performance and recognizing the efforts of their team members. Give this praise in front of peers for added benefit to your employee recognition program.

Provide an employee mentor to lead by example

Oftentimes, employees have the right ideas about where they want to go with their careers, but no clear direction from leadership. To offset this problem, match your employees to mentors within your organization and industry. This creates support and accountability.

Get support from temporary staffers

When employees are overworked or burnt out, they are less likely to perform well. Alleviate this pressure and improve productivity by working with Ohio staffing agencies to bring on temporary staffers for large projects.

Re-training classes and educational support

Low performance employees often get into a rut simply be developing poor work habits and task management gaps. Correct this by scheduling regular training classes and providing educational support for those who need some re-training. If you are looking for a Monroe MI temp agency, contact Advance today!




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