Cloud Robotics for Manufacturing?

Starting with Six Sigma practices, there has been a shift in the last two decades to more efficient systems for manufacturing across all industries. In most factories today, there is a growing robotics presence that augments the human capital that produces the world’s goods. However, it hasn’t been until more recently that robotics is shifting in scope to accommodate an even more efficient model of managing products and people. Cloud computing has opened up an entire array of cloud robotics products that are emerging one manufacturing task at a time.

What is cloud computing?

If you haven’t heard of cloud computing technology or know very little about it, essentially it transforms the way businesses store and share information. Instead of housing large amounts of data on in-house server networks, companies can tap into remote servers that offer unlimited storage capacity and state-of-the-art applications to manage everything. User’s access this information and software virtually, locked away behind password protected websites. It’s not surprising that the manufacturing world has been somewhat slow to adopt cloud robotics, yet it’s happening now as we speak.

Basics of cloud robotics for manufacturing

Now that you have a better understanding of cloud computing, it’s time to explain how this technology works in robotics in a manufacturing environment. Robotics is essentially extensions of human capacity, run on either simple computer programs or managed by human operators. In the manufacturing world, robotics play an important role as they help speed up production, reduce human injuries, and handle tasks that are impossible for people. But oftentimes, the robotics software is hard to update or make adjustments too, requiring a software development and testing team to get it right. This can cost big bucks when a vital robotics line is down for any length of time pending software updates or computer malfunctions.

Benefits of cloud robotics in the manufacturing world

In a cloud robotics environment, the software and operation is continually monitored automatically and software updates and corrections take place virtually. This means very little to no downtime for manufacturing operations. It also reduces the need for onsite technical teams to manage server data and security. Robots can be retrofitted and programmed to perform multiple tasks, which makes them more versatile. Using cloud robotics technology, the software is cheaper and easier to manage from one central platform. Management can even access it from mobile computing devices using cloud apps.

Therefore, cloud robotics eliminates the need for costly overhead and maintenance while making data more secure and accessible. Essentially, this reduces the need for middleware and on-site IT teams to manage each type of software for each robot. In addition, cloud robotics in manufacturing helps to streamline operations that can produce more quality goods at a lower price. Ultimately, we expect to see more cloud based technology introduced into the industrial setting and other businesses in the coming years.

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