Hire Great Temps – Here’s How!

When projects are looming and your business is falling behind in human capital, one of the better options is to seek the support of a temporary workforce. There are a number of benefits of hiring temporary workers for your business. The benefits include having fast access to skilled and specialized laborers, more flexible staffing options, as well as eliminating the costs of overtime and benefits. Hiring temps is a win-win situation for everyone.

According to the American Staffing Association, 2.9 million people are employed by temporary agencies every business day and 11.5 million temporary and contract employees are hired by companies over the course of a year. These are hard-working individuals who have decided to provide their services via a temporary staffing agency for the benefit of companies like yours. There are some ways to maximize the advantages of hiring temps. Use these to experience a greater return on investment for your temporary staffing program.

Write clear temporary job descriptions

Before you can hire temporary workers, you need to develop assignments that are realistic and accurate. Consider that the temp may be on the job for a short period of time or may work in a part time status. Write a clear job description that the temporary worker can understand. Give a copy of the job description to the staffing agency for use in sourcing the right candidates and orienting the temps.

Hire for corporate culture suitability

When meeting with your staffing team, you’ll want to emphasize how important it is to hire temps who fit well with your corporate culture. From the values that help your company produce its greatest innovations to the way teams work together, a good fit means temps can seamlessly become part of this culture.

Educate the staffing agency on your requirements

The only way you can get the best temps for your company is to communicate your requirements to the staffing agency you choose to work with. Take the time to talk with your recruiter to help him or her understand the types of candidates you want to bring on board, along with any special skills or personality types that work well.

Create an orientation program for temps

To help temps be more successful, you’ll want to design an onboarding process that provides a positive experience from day one. Give temps the tools they need to do their jobs and assign a mentor employee to serve as a guide. Explain the goals of the temporary assignment and clearly lay out your expectations.

Provide frequent feedback on temp progress

Temporary workers need to hear feedback, whether it’s good or bad. Take the time to work with your staffing manager to work out issues early on. Provide honest feedback and encouragement along the way. Communication is the key to a better working relationship with your temps.

Hiring great temps starts with understanding what the staffing agency can do for your business and then setting clear expectations from the beginning. Make this a productive effort by maintaining contact with your staffing agency and being proactive about your company objectives.

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