3 Tips to Improve Your Job Descriptions and Attract Top Candidates

As the recruitment leader for your organization you are keenly aware that you must create accurate job descriptions based on the actual responsibilities and requirements of each assignment.  Unfortunately, often these job descriptions are very dry and not very appealing to the best candidates.  In today’s job market it is absolutely vital that you are creating job descriptions that attract the top candidates to your company.  Therefore it’s time to take your job description to the next level and write them in such a way that they will attract the top candidates.

Here are our best 3 tips to improve your job descriptions and attract high performance candidates to your business.

Number 1 – Use an eye catching headline

Online marketers and recruiters know that when it comes to catching the attention of consumers and job seekers that the headline counts the most. Therefore, you will want to use an attention-grabbing headline that will peak the curiosity of the best candidates out there. Start things off with the right tone that fits with your corporate culture and make sure that the best job title is included for ease in searching online.

Number 2 – Keep the job advertisement short and sweet

When designing your job advertisement take the time to stand out from the crowd with a well-designed advert that takes advantage of plenty of white space. After your initial description of the job’s requirements include a bulleted list of traits and skills that you desire in the right candidate. This will help to weed out the best candidates from those who are less suitable for the assignment.

Number 3 – Include the company branding and industry keywords  

Remember that every publication that you put out there is a representation of your company brand. This means you will want to share pertinent information about your company, including its status in the industry, any leading innovations you’ve created, and the outstanding work environment, compensation and benefits package you offer to new hires. Use the most common industry keywords to help top performance candidates find you on social networks and online search engines.

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