Why Are You the Best Person for the Job? How to Sell Yourself Effectively

After a period of searching for jobs and sending out resumes, you’ve finally gotten the call for an interview with a great company in Michigan or Ohio! When you’re heading into the job interview, you’ll want to keep in mind that you’re actually going to be making a sales pitch to the recruiter. You want to make sure that the recruiter gets the message that you are the best person for the job. This means when you’re meeting with the interviewer you’ll be focused on using words and gestures that will be convincing them that you are the one they want to hire.

Why Interviews Require Selling Your Skills to Recruiters

Selling yourself and making a positive impression in an interview means highlighting your strengths, your qualities, and your credentials to the recruiter in a meeting that lasts 30-minutes or less. Recruiters are generally good judges of character because they meet many people. Therefore, your job is to stand out from other candidates who are competing for this job. You can do this by preparing in advance with a sales-oriented approach.

Here are some ways to sell yourself to the recruiter, and get the job!

1. Demonstrate that you share the company’s values

Securing candidates who have a good corporate culture fit is a key aspect of recruiting today. Therefore you can help sell yourself to a recruiter by demonstrating how you can closely match your work skills, ethics, values to those of the company.  Discuss your genuine interest in working for the company because of its core values. Mention past career experiences in terms of how you were able to match your work skills to the values and objectives of the companies and clients.

2.  Focus on your top relevant skills in the industry

A recruiter will generally have a mental check list of keywords that they will be listening for during the interview.  Make their job easier by having a 30-second speech that introduces your skills and qualities as they directly relate to the job that you are applying for.  You can find out more by visiting the corporate website, reading important news updates, and gaining added insight from people who currently work there.

3.  Be the solution to the recruiter

When you walked into an interview, the recruiter is looking for someone who can immediately solve the problems of the company. You can BE the solution by offering up detailed examples of how your skills, experiences and your unique background can solve the problems of the company.  Used phrases such as “works well under pressure” and “great problem solver” on your resume, and as you speak about yourself in the interview. Remember your job is to help the recruiter see how you can be a solution to their needs.

4.  Look the part and be confident

From the way you look when you walked into the interview to the way you make eye contact, your body language speaks volumes to the recruiter.  Dress for success and show up for the job interview as if you’re already working there.  Present a professionally printed resume and reference sheet.  Sit forward with hands in your lap in a relaxed position, smiling confidently and making direct eye contact with the interviewer.  When speaking, think carefully and formulate your words to sell your strengths to the recruiter.

Using the above tips, you will surely impress the recruiter enough to get asked to return for a second interview and a job offer soon. Working with the recruitment pros at Advance Staffing Solutions can help you prepare for a positive interview experience. If you are looking for an employment agency in Toledo Ohio, contact us today.




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