Top 3 Interview Questions to Prep for and How to Answer Them

Despite a large number of hiring companies turning to social media recruiting, online application pre-screens, and temporary agencies; there’s still one factor that remains an expectation for millions of job seekers – the job interview. Candidates often do their best to answer the most frequently asked job interview questions and then focus on coming up with good responses to more unusual interviewing techniques. If you’ve been interviewing for a while, then you know that many interview questions center around behavioral aspects with some industry focused questions thrown in for good measure.

From a recruiting standpoint, there is a good chance that most interviewers will stick to the basics in the interview—due to time constraints and hiring deadlines. This is especially true in first interviews. To give you a good shot at a new job, here are the top 3 interview questions to prep for with answers for handling them with ease.

#1 – Tell Me Something About You?

One of the ways that many recruiters will try to break the ice with candidates is to ask them point blank questions such as, “Please tell me more about you (your career and educational background)?” or “Where would you like to be in 5-10 years?” These are fairly common. The best way to answer these types of ice-breaker interview questions is by being honest, but tactful with your answers. For example, you may answer with a brief overview of your career and educational history and your goals for the next few years as they relate to the job or industry you are interviewing in.

Recruiters don’t want to hear you say something about wanting to retire in 5 years or that you plan to take a trip to the Antarctic to become a fur trapper. Maintain a focus on your career goals and say something to the effect that you see yourself leading a team on some great projects to support the business innovation and growth at the company.

#2 – What Ifs and Situational Questions

These are the interview questions that are called behavioral, and for good reason. They require you to use your creative and problem-solving skills. You may hear something like, “What if you had an angry customer on the phone – how would you handle this?” or maybe even “ “If you had a customer call up and ask you to do something unethical, would you do it to keep the customer happy, or not?” Listen for the word “IF” in these questions to let you know what you are hearing and how to respond.

To answer the IF questions, simply take a deep breath and imagine yourself in the specific situation. Then carefully answer the question by explaining your thought process and how you will handle this professionally. You can draw from a past similar experience if you wish. Try something like, “I listened to the customer and then tried to offer a solution that followed company policy” and if this didn’t work then “I asked a manager for help.”

#3 – Why Do You Want to Work Here?

This interview question is often asked by bold hiring managers and executives to test how badly you want the job, and if you are just in it for the fame or the money. Often reserved for the last few minutes of the interview, it can catch even the experienced job seeker off guard. You may hear something like “Just why do you want to work here?” or “What appeals to you about working for our company or this industry?” This is your chance to shine!

A good answer always starts by revealing your passion for the industry and the market this company serves. Then go into a brief review of your career history and relate it to the job you are interviewing for. Provide a direct link to the job requirements and duties and how your skills are a great match. This should impress even the best recruiters out there.

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