4 Things to Include in Your Manufacturing Job Description

Manufacturing industry recruiters – listen up! If you want to attract the best manufacturing candidates to your organization, then you will want to make sure you are writing great manufacturing job descriptions. Candidates who are skilled in manufacturing work are in high demand as the industry expects to add more than half of all new jobs to the American workforce over the next few years. If you want your manufacturing business to thrive, then you need the best manufacturing employees to make it happen.

Read on to find out what 4 elements your manufacturing job descriptions must have in order to hire the best.

#1 – An Eye-Catching Manufacturing Job Title

Write a dull job title and you can pretty much call it quits as a manufacturing recruiter. Today’s manufacturing candidates are actively searching online for their next career opportunity, therefore they will respond well to job titles that compel them to learn more. For example, would you respond to a job advertisement that said “Technician for QA Manufacturing Division” or “Hiring Now – Career Minded Manufacturing Candidates with Strong QA Background for High Growth Employer in Monroe Michigan!” ?

#2 – Keyword Maximized Job Descriptions

The other aspect of the best manufacturing job description is including all the most common industry keywords within the job title, the list of job requirements, and the actual duties of the job. Remember, your job descriptions will be used for creating job advertisements, at career events, and other recruiting activities. They need to be searchable online. Use a resource like O*Net or the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Outlook directory as guides when creating keyword maximized job descriptions.

#3 – Industry Competitive Pay and Compensation

One of the major reasons that candidates will choose to apply for an assignment at one company vs. another is if they include a competitive pay and compensation strategy. Resources like PayScale.com can provide access to the most recent salary data to make it easier to include this information in job descriptions. Add a section in your job descriptions that provides an overview of compensation, including starting salary ranges, along with any benefits (health and wellness, retirement program, bonuses, etc.) and perks (casual work environment, flextime, etc.) you offer to employees.

#4 – Manufacturing Company Branding

Developing great job descriptions also requires branding them to your unique company culture, mission, and values. After all, you want your job descriptions to stand out from the competition so you can go after the best candidates. Include a company bio statement in all job descriptions, along with links to any news events that put the company in a positive light. Share the general vision of the company, along with details of the corporate environment, and information about the work style and culture of the people who make your business great.

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