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As an HR manager or recruiter in Michigan, you’ve heard all about the importance of a good cultural fit with candidates and how this can affect the bottom line for employee productivity. There have been numerous studies published that indicate cultural fit is a number one concern for many companies today. According to a study by Leadership IQ, the global leadership training and research company, “46% of newly-hired employees will fail within 18 months, while only 19% will achieve unequivocal success.” This is attributed to employees’ ability to fit in with peers and have positive interactions on the job.

Why Michigan hiring goes wrong in terms of candidate culture fit

Many times, in their desperation to get a skilled employee into an open assignment, managers will overlook cultural fit as being a critical indicator of future success in the Michigan based company. Over the course of a few weeks, once the employee becomes more familiar with the job, these shortcomings appear and can cause trouble for other team members and even customers.

What can the HR manager do to avoid poor cultural fit when hiring for Michigan jobs?

The answer is fairly simple – there needs to be a filtering process for weeding out candidates who don’t fit the bill. Here’s a 3 step process for accomplishing this:

#1 – Use a thorough screening process when hiring in Michigan.

Set your business up with an applicant tracking system that integrates screening and assessment tools within your application process. Add a few screening questions to ensure that all candidates are qualified and have the right personality for the work culture you offer. You can also include information about the corporate culture on your corporate website and any advertising you do for the business, to give candidates a better idea before they apply to come work for you.

#2 – Interview more candidates in Michigan and reduce poor culture fit.

The more candidates you take the time to interview for Michigan jobs, the better off you are in the selection process. There really is no “magic number” but keep in mind that you should have at least 10 candidates to interview per job opening. Conduct an initial phone screening, asking some work cultural related questions. Then conduct a face-to-face interview, giving the candidate a physical tour of your workplace. Finally, have a group interview process with at least 2-3 members of your management team to give an impression of the company.

#3 – Partner with employment agencies Detroit MI for well-matched candidates.

An effective way to conduct cultural fit interviews for candidates in Michigan is to partner with employment agencies in Detroit MI. This can be a good way to reduce the mistake quotient because you are leaving all the recruitment efforts to the pros who understand the importance of cultural fit. Take the time to educate the staffing agency on the specifics of your workplace culture, invite them to tour your facility and meet your leadership team. This can help you to secure candidates who are a better overall fit, for both skills and personality.

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