How to Use LinkedIn Groups to Create a Talent Pool

A big part of a professional recruiter’s job is building a reliable talent pool of highly qualified candidates in Michigan to fill future positions within the company. Thanks to the tools found on social networks, such as LinkedIn, it’s possible to create a talent pool using the “groups” feature. The advantage of using LinkedIn groups to grow a pool of eligible candidates are:

  • A chance to learn more about candidate professional backgrounds and credentials by way of profiles.
  • The opportunity to engage passive candidates who have the skills and experience needed by your company.
  • A way to categorize skillsets, and invite candidates to apply to specific types of jobs for ease in recruitment.
  • The ability to create multiple candidate pools based on job types and skills in several groups.

The great part of using LinkedIn to form talent pools is that you can do this for no fees and with relatively little effort on your behalf. Instead, it’s a matter of building networks for jobs in Michigan using this powerful social network and sharing valuable content so you can attract the right kinds of people to your doors. Here’s how:

Set up a profile for your company on LinkedIn.

The first step in using LinkedIn for recruitment efforts is to set up a professional company page for your organization online. Write a good overview of your company, add your branding images and link to your company leaders who are on LinkedIn. Include your company website and any other social networks as well as links to your job postings.

Create a LinkedIn group for candidates.

Once you have established a presence as a Michigan hiring company on LinkedIn, added some followers and connected with other members, it’s time to build your first LinkedIn group. Create the group based on your industry so you can attract the best candidates out there.

Segment your LinkedIn groups for certain skillsets and jobs.

Set up complimentary LinkedIn groups for job seekers in your industry, and start branding them to your corporate image. Invite members of your first group who meet the criteria for certain skills, credentials, work experience ad interest to your segmented groups. For example, you may have a main group and then one for IT professionals to narrow down your talent pools.

Add weekly content relevant to your market.

To keep your LinkedIn groups fresh and growing at a steady rate, take the time to add weekly content in the form of shared articles, news, and blog posts about your company and industry. Encourage dialogue and sharing from all members of your groups.

Add job postings to your LinkedIn career groups.

To get maximum value from your talent pools, you’ll also want to post job listings online and share them on your LinkedIn groups. Invite members to either apply or share them with colleagues who may be a good fit. If you are contracted with a staffing agency in Michigan, ask the agency to share their job links in your groups too.

Invite passive candidates to LinkedIn talent pools.

You can also increase the size and influence of your LinkedIn talent pools by directly reaching out to potential candidates who are not actively looking for work but are seeking new opportunities. Check their profiles once you have searched for passive candidates by job keywords using LinkedIn’s search engine. Invite them to learn more.

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