3 Mobile Apps to Find Lunch at Your Next Temp Assignment

What has become the most popular hour of the workday, lunch time is often a welcome relief for those working on temporary assignments in Detroit. However, if you’re not sure where the best spots are for lunch or you are working in a brand new location and not sure where, you can turn to technology to find a comfortable lunch locale.

Finding Lunch as a Temp is a Snap with Mobile Apps

Nearly everyone today has a mobile device and the wonderful thing about smart phones is that they include access to mobile lunch apps!  Here are three of the most popular mobile lunch apps that you can use to access a healthy lunch when you are at your next temp assignment.


Grabbing lunch on the go when you are in your own neighborhood is something you probably know very well. But, finding one when you are in an unfamiliar section of downtown Detroit, Michigan – this can be very scary. That’s why this iPhone lunch app can be used to access the best lunch spots that are close by your location. This lunch app even gives you step by step directions using GPS so the chances of getting lost are slimmer. You’ll be able to get directions back to your temporary assignment location.


If you are a little bit on the picky side when it comes to eating lunch you may want to sample OpenTable. This mobile app helps you to locate restaurants and eateries by location and also the type of foods that are served. You can also browse all kinds of menus online via the app for free. If you’re ready to make reservations this handy app also gives you a form to accomplish this. Hint: Use this lunchtime app when you are asked to organize a lunch for your team at your temp job. You will be the person who impresses the boss the most, because nothing wins over the executive team like a delicious meal.


When you prefer lunch at your desk while you’re at a temp job in Detroit MI, GrubHub is the mobile app for you. Can choose from take-out food that can be delivered to your desk, or you can order ahead if you happen to be short on time. GrubHub is a popular app for finding restaurants when you must take your lunch on the go. Use the app to browse for multiple restaurants and clubs in your area. Place your lunch time order right on your mobile device. Save your lunch hot spots for the next time you’re on this temporary job so you can relive the experience.

Remember, as a temp you will want to plan ahead for lunch breaks. Many companies prefer that you stay on property while working as a temp, while others don’t have a preference. Ask your staffing manager ahead of time. Pack a lunch and snacks for your first few days on the job to avoid any issues. Take the time to eat a healthy meal and take regular breaks as scheduled to stay sharp and focused at work.





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