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According to experts, manufacturing is expected to recover to pre-recession levels by the 4th quarter of 2014. This means, in Michigan and other areas of the nation that were hit hard, there will be a need for quality manufacturing professionals going into the final part of this year. Hear some of the key trends that investors are being told to watch out for in the manufacturing sector during this year.

Reduction in Offshoring of Manufacturing Work

Since the recession, the advantage and cost factor of outsourcing to other countries are shrinking dramatically while increased productivity has reduced US labor costs. This means that more employers in the Michigan area and around the United States are focusing on bringing jobs back to America. In Michigan the manufacturing sector has always been a good source of jobs. This trend is expected to continue to grow as employers bring jobs back from overseas and restore the market in Michigan.

Shortages of Manufacturing Skills

The manufacturing sector has begun to experience shortages of certain skilled workers. It’s been estimated that nearly 5 percent of manufacturing jobs go unfilled every year due to these skill gaps. Coupled with increased retirement rates among the most skilled manufacturing workers in Michigan, and this has led to job reorganization, new job type creation, and a bigger focus on workforce training efforts that are currently underway in Michigan and other regions. In 2014, Michigan employers can gain access to manufacturing workers by partnering with Employment Agencies Detroit MI who specialize in these areas.

Increased Use of Manufacturing Technology

An increase in the use of technology in the manufacturing sector has also led to increased need for well-trained manufacturing workers in Michigan. This comes as part of a growing interest in the use of carbon fibers in the manufacturing of vehicles and the nation turning to alternative energy sources to reduce waste and improve the environment. Industry demand for these products is expected to rise for 2014. At the same time, there has been a large amount of interest in detecting and preventing maintenance issues in the manufacturing environment. For example employers are looking for ways to increase the efficiency of machine operations and to reduce down time by turning to manufacturing technology.

Over the coming year, one thing is for certain. Recovery of the manufacturing industry is on its way. There will be a demand for skilled manufacturing workers across all industries in the USA.

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