How to Attract Temps with Incentive Programs

Finding the right employee in today’s tough job market can be very difficult. The reason for this is that there are so many people unemployed and so many others looking to switch jobs. When the job market floods with potential employees it can be difficult to determine which ones are the most talented and which ones are perfect for your company. In addtion to working with a quality Detroit MI Temp Agency, a way to attract some of the best temporary employees is to create an incentive program for them and your full-time, permanent employees.

Start with Recognition in the Office

One of the first incentive offers for temporary workers should be recognition within the office. Recognizing a temporary employee for a job well done in front of permanent workers can go a long way in building the confidence in the temporary employee. By doing this, you will create a track record that you can show your potential temp workers who are trying to make a decision where to work.

Provide Opportunities for Full-Time Employment

Another option is to offer temporary workers in Detroit full-time employment opportunities. You can make this incentive known to your potential employees prior to hiring them so their decision to work for your company is easier. If a temporary worker knows he or she has the chance of being hired full-time, it will help motivate them while on the job, making sure that success becomes a staple within the organization.

Offer Some Form of Cash Incentive

While interviewing a temporary employee, you might want to consider offering a cash incentive. Let the potential employee know about the incentive prior to hiring them so their decision to work for your company is easier for them to make. The cash incentive can be as simple as $100 for working a specific time length without an accident on the job or for remaining employed with the company for three months. You can also reward temporary employees who refer other temporary workers. This cash incentive can be paid out to the temp worker after the new hire is on the job for at least six months.

Paid Time Off

Who does not love days off from work? How about paid time off? Employees love both of these, so why not offer your temporary workers extra paid time off? Aside from their sick days and personal time, allow your temp workers the chance to accrue extra paid time off for every sick day or personal day they do not use in a given year. For example, an employee can accrue one additional paid day off for every two sick/personal days he or she did not use for the year.

By offering these incentives and more, you can recruit and retain some of the best temporary employees in the industry today. Advance Staffing Solutions, a  Detroit MI temp agency, is here to help you accomplish this.





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