How to Motivate Yourself in the Morning to Improve Productivity

Waking up and getting going in the morning is hard enough for the average person. Couple that with having to go to work while managing the demands of a busy family life and you might not be as productive during the day as you would like. Let’s face it; the better your morning is, the better the rest of your day will be at work or at school. If you can utilize the tips in this post for motivating yourself in the morning, then your day will be very productive.

Here’s how to start your morning strong and maintain high levels of productivity all day long at work.

Do Not Sleep Late

The worst thing you can do in the morning is to hit the snooze button. Whether this is once or multiple times, hitting snooze does the opposite of what most people think. Many believe that getting anywhere from 10-20 minutes more sleep by hitting snooze helps them. In fact, it hinders their productivity and mood. Being awoken by loud music every five minutes can jolt your body and cause you to be grumpy. If you get up with the first alarm, you will be happier and more productive.

Take Deep Breaths

As soon as your alarm begins ringing in the morning, do not hit the snooze button. Instead, turn your alarm completely off and lie on your back. Do not get out of bed yet. Take a couple of deep breaths. This will increase the flow of oxygen to your brain and throughout your bloodstream. This easy and quick meditation method will make you feel more awake instantly. This will also put you in a relaxed state, preventing stress about the coming day from seeping into your consciousness.

Look Forward to Something Positive

Rolling out of bed in the morning and instantly thinking negatively about your day will cause you to be less productive at work. Do not dread what lies ahead of you. Instead, think of something positive scheduled for your day. This can be lunch with your favorite co-worker, picking your kids up from school, watching your children play in school sporting events and much more. People get more out of their day when they invest in what is scheduled, so be sure to think positive when you wake up in the morning.

Give Yourself Time in the Morning

Try getting up a little earlier in the morning prior to work. Take this time to enjoy a nice shower, eat breakfast, and read the news. Watch a favorite show you recorded from the night before or even update your blog. All of this will help you relax in the morning and relieve stress about the upcoming day. Not many people will want to sacrifice their sleep to do this, but it will definitely help in the end.

These tips will not only help you start feeling alert and positive at the start of your day, but the effects can last all day long at work. Anytime you feel a little sluggish, remember to breath and focus on the tasks at hand. Increase your well-being by making these daily habits, and you will begin to see the positive results of your efforts.

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