Advice for Managers Who Want Their Temp Employees to Respect Them

Working as a manager at a company that employs temporary workers can pose new challenges. In the first place, you are working with people who come and go every couple of months, so it can be hard to build a personal and working relationship with those employees. Managers may also worry about earning respect from temporary employees. This can be easier said than done, but it can definitely be achieved with the right management techniques.

Let’s take a look at managing temp employees and earning their respect in the workplace. Here are some tips to implement.

Importance of Being Authentic

It is very important for managers to be authentic in everything they do on the job. This applies to managers who have part-time, full-time and temporary employees. An authentic manager is someone who exudes the values and principles of the company in all that they do at work. This person will also find a way to blend transparency and justice with those principles and values. Being authentic as a manager helps to earn the respect and loyalty of all employees because they can count on you to stand by your values and your people.

Make Employees Feel Like Owners

Strong managers are able to get their employees, especially temps, to feel a sense of professional ownership while at work. Employees, especially temporary ones, do not want to feel like they are being ‘rented’ from another company or a staffing agency. Temporary employees can bring just as much to the table as full-time workers, which is why they should be treated as such when on the job. Employees want to know that the bosses are listening to ideas and learning from them at the same time.

Find a Way to Develop the Potential in ALL Employees

Employees, both permanent and temporary, want to be developed by their managers. It is along the line of coaches and managers developing sports players throughout the years. It is important for a manager to invest time and effort in employees and how they meet their goals. Get to know your temp employees, what their career goals are, and what skills they have that can be enhanced through on-the-job training and mentoring.

The Culture Must be Energetic

The culture of a workplace must be as energetic as possible. This will make it easier for managers to garner respect from their temporary employees. A positive climate is important for employees so they can focus on winning against competitors of the company instead of having detractors internally that keep them from doing their jobs. Positive energy goes a long way towards establishing great work teams who look up to managers and will work hard to keep the momentum going.

Understand that Sacrifices Happen

Every good manager knows that sacrifices happen. The managers with the most respect from their employees know that they need to make sacrifices and embrace them at the same time. Well-respected managers know when a sacrifice needs to be made and he or she does not complain about the sacrifice. This will garner a ton of respect from the employees working under the manager, both permanent and temporary.

Many employees who respect their managers find themselves exhibiting the same traits and characteristics in their everyday lives at work. This only makes the office a much better place to work and success will follow with such excellent attitudes. Use the above as guidelines towards earning the respect of your temp employees.

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