Why you Lose Talented Candidates. Give Timely Feedback

Have you ever interviewed the perfect candidate, but as just soon as you make the job offer they inform you that they’ve accepted another job already? No hiring manager wants to lose talented candidates because it means starting over in the process of finding another. While you may be wondering what is going wrong, if this keeps happening it’s time to determine why.

Steps to Handle Candidate Feedback for Retention

One possible issue that could be working against your recruitment efforts is your candidate feedback process. Getting back to candidates in a prompt and positive manner can help to foster good will between your company and the people who hope to join your employee ranks. Here are some tips for providing timely feedback and retaining more of your prized candidates.

#1 – Make the applicant tracking system work for you.

One of the biggest pet peeves of candidates is applying for a job online and then getting absolutely no response from the company. Put the ATS to work by setting up a series of email auto-responders that thank candidates for their application and let candidates know of next steps in the hiring process. Send out an email to all candidates to announce job fairs and new open assignments.

#2 – Use the phone to pre-screen candidates.

Once you have gathered up applications, take the time to routinely screen those who pass through the initial online resume scan. Schedule a brief phone call to each candidate to thank them for their application. This personal touch shows that you value candidates and have an interest in learning more about their career goals.

#3 – Set up interviews as soon as possible with top talent.

When it comes to reeling in the best talent, the sooner you can set up personal interviews with them, the better. Schedule an interview and have promising candidates come in to learn more about work opportunities with your firm. Or use a temporary agency to conduct the initial interviews on your behalf.

#4 – Build a talent pipeline by staying in touch, and often.

Regardless if you have open assignments or not, giving feedback to candidates also involves having a way to build rapport with a certain amount of talented pros your business can hire in the near future. Develop online groups for your company and keep in touch with top talent through frequent company updates on new jobs.

#5 – Send a professional rejection letter.

If you do not choose a candidate for the time being, it doesn’t mean they may not be a great fit later on. Your job is not over yet. Have a well-written rejection note ready to send out by postal mail to all candidates. Be sure to let the candidate know you will keep them in mind for future employment opportunities and will be in touch again.

If you are concerned that all of this will take up too much time or be difficult to manage, your next option is to work with a staffing agency to maintain feedback with top talent. Advance Staffing Resources a Detroit MI staffing agency has experienced recruiters who are ready to help you find the best candidates for your company, and help with candidate feedback efforts.




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