Operations Manager Salaries in Michigan. What to Offer Candidates

Perhaps one of the most difficult decisions for a company to make, besides which candidate to hire, is what to offer their candidate of choice in terms of compensation. The state of Michigan is one of the best places to live and work, and many residents enjoy working as operations managers for great companies. These positions are available in many different industries, requiring a broad range of skills and experience. Therefore, offering a fair compensation is vital to successful recruitment.

Before you offer a salary to a potential operations manager candidate in Michigan, here are some things you need to know.

Range of Compensation

Salaries for operations managers working in the state of Michigan range greatly depending on the level of employment and the company where the positions are held.

Glassdoor has reported three operations manager positions in Michigan that have an average annual salary of $73,750. Another great place to work in Michigan as an operations manager is a company called Stryker, a medical supply manufacturing company that has operations managers working in Michigan for an average annual salary of $84,625.

Another excellent annual salary for operations managers in Michigan comes from Best Buy, where managers are making an average of $61,312.

Two of the lower range operations manager salaries in Michigan come from Staples and Old Navy. Managers who work at Staples find themselves earning an annual average salary of just over $41,000. Managers from Old Navy can earn a little over $31,000 per year in their position.

Duties of an Operations Manager

You might be wondering what an operations manager does on a daily basis while at work. Well, we have that information for you in this post. Operations managers are regarded as senior-level management officials within their companies. They are responsible for providing services or overseeing the production of goods.

Operations managers are responsible for analyzing budgets, monitoring reports, reporting to stakeholders, managing employees, reporting to upper management teams and much more. An operations manager must be able to multi-task as much as possible while working in this position. If they cannot, they will find themselves struggling through their daily operations and possibly out of a job.

Some of the best operations managers have worked their way up the chain of their current company, learning each department along the way. This enables the manager to know the ins-and-outs of the company and how it operates on a daily basis. They are able to troubleshoot issues and take care of problems quickly without involving others.

Working as an operations manager in the state of Michigan is a lucrative job if you have the right level of experience and are at the right company.

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