4 Things to Remember When Negotiating Your Salary

Negotiating a salary after being offered a new job (or during performance review/promotion time) can be scary for some people, especially if they have never had to do this in the past. This should be a process that is satisfying, especially since you were offered a new position at a different company or a promotion at your current employer. If you follow the advice we have in this post, you will find it easy to negotiate a salary with your new or current employer.

#1 Provide a Hard Number

When you reach the negotiation stage of a new job offer, be sure you provide the hiring manager or human resource executive with a hard number. You never want to give a range for expected salary. This allows the employer to take the lower end of the range all the time, no matter how skilled or talented you are. When you offer a salary range, you are giving the company too much leverage in the negotiation process. When you stick with the hard number, you have decent control of the negotiations. Come up with an amount you can live with, then tack on $5K more.

#2 Give Precise Numbers

During the negotiation process, make sure you provide the employer with precise numbers instead of rounding off the figure. When you tell a hiring manager precise numbers instead of rounded numbers you display confidence in yourself and that you understand what the value of the position is at the company. This shows the hiring manager that you are committed to accepting the job and that you want to make the most of your career.

#3 Employers Don’t Like Negotiating

After receiving a job offer, you are asked to come into the office to discuss the salary. You are nervous and dreading the negotiation because you do not want to make a bad impression and lose out on the position, but you also do not want to leave money on the table. Well, you should know that employers do not like negotiating either. Try to make the process more of a persuasive discussion than a battle for who can win.

#4 Remember Money Isn’t the Sole Factor

One of the most important tips in negotiating salary is that money should not always be the lone factor in the process. Employees want more than money from their employers. They also want health benefits, stock options, flexible schedules, a 401k, paid time-off and other perks. During the negotiations, you can ask the employer for telecommuting options, paid-for training, flex-time and much more. All of these can help items can help you negotiate a salary that helps you earn a living while also enjoying life.
When you use the four tips discussed in this post during salary negotiations, you will find that the process will be much easier to deal with for both you and the employer.

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