Make Your Summer Temp Job a Career

Every year, hundreds of thousands of adults turn to summer employment opportunities to gain on-the-job experience, while earning much-needed extra cash. However, a summer job doesn’t have to end with the final summer breeze. Instead, you can take advantage of a seasonal opportunity and turn it into a full-time career path. Summer jobs are the perfect time to earn new skills, make important professional connections, and propel your career to greatness.

If you follow the tips outlined in this article you will be able to transform just about any summer temp job into a long-term career.

Do Not Quit Your Day Job, Yet

The first thing you need to do is keep your day job (if you are currently employed full-time elsewhere). If you work a summer temp job to bring in extra cash because you are a teacher and have the summer months off, you should definitely not quit your day job. Even if you work a summer job at night to supplement daytime income, do not quit that job either. You want to keep the money flowing while you examine your full-time summer options. Aside from the income, you need to figure out how to acquire health insurance, if you need coverage.

Browse Your Options

You do not want to limit your options when it comes to finding a temp summer job that can turn into full-time, permanent work. Consider working a different summer temp job each year to see what is best for you. One summer you can work as a retail manager while another summer you can work as a surfing instructor, if this is a hobby of yours. Just because you have worked your entire career in the banking industry, it does not mean that you have to continue to do so in the summer.

Employ Your Creativity

When trying to turn a summer temp job into a full-time job, be sure to use your creativity as much as possible. Think about your dream job; is it within reach? Can it really be done? If so, why not give it a shot one summer? Spend time thinking about some of the most interesting jobs you would like to work and go from there. If your dream job is within reach, figure out how much money you can generate from it, what the schedule would look like and work your other job around it.

Work Special Projects

Depending on when your summer job begins, it might last anywhere from one month to three months, so you need to make an impression as quickly as possible. This can be done by taking on special projects every now and then. Make sure those projects can be completed prior to the end of your temp work so you make a lasting impression on the management and ownership. Any special projects you complete can be included on your resume, which will help you impress potential employers.

If you are able to take all of these tips and put them to good use, you will find yourself turning a temporary summer job into a permanent, full-time position. Look to Advance Staffing Solutions in the Toledo Ohio and Detroit Michigan areas for part time and full time summer jobs.




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